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#### Notice: [New Server Arcana] - [BETA 01.10.2021] - [OFFICIAL 08.10.2021] 18:00 Server Time (GMT+1) ####
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Strike 1
Strike 2
Strike 3
Offensive Language (racism, family, religion or continuous insults)
1 day mute
3 day ban
Permanent Ban
Inappropriate King or War Commander Notices
1 day mute
7 days ban
Permanent Ban
Staff Impersonation
Permanent Ban
Communicating with a GM using rude language or spamming messages.
GM Discretion
up to and including Permanent Ban
Advertising (i.e. shouting in general chat) Third Party Websites, Tools or Private Servers
7 days mute
Permanent Ban
Selling of Knight Cash, Accounts, and all out-of-game transfers
1 day mute
Permanent Ban (in all accounts belonging to the seller)
Nation Points Transfer (NPT) or Bug Abuse to gain Nation Points (NP)
Reduced to 100 NP, 7 day ban
Reduced to 100 NP, 30 day ban
Permanent Ban
Payment Fraud
Permanent Ban
Abusing bugs (including speed/wall glitching) for individual or team advantage
GM Discretion
up to and including Permanent Ban
Editing game files (TBL, Objects, Zones)
Permanent Ban
Using 3rd Party Tools (aka bots)
Permanent Ban
Using Macro tools on PK
Permanent Ban
Possession of a Bugged item, Hacked item or Stolen item.
Temporary ban until all suspicious items and coins are deleted
Requesting another Player's User ID or PW
Permanent Ban
Interference with users (i.e. spamming trade/party/clan requests, being AFK in event zones)
GM Discretion
up to and including Permanent Ban
Shared or purchased accounts
Will receive no Customer Support
and can lead to Permanent Ban

Server Details
Users Online: 32
El Morad: 10
Karus: 12
Players in CZ: 20
Humans: 10
Orcs: 10
King List
Last War Hero:
CSW Holder:
GM List
Server Statistics
Accounts 4844
Characters 3132
Karus 47,89%
Humans 52,11%
Warrior 25,80%
Rogue 34,32%
Priest 16,76%
Magician 23,12%
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