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#### Notice: [New Server Phoenix] - [BETA 10.02.2023] - [OFFICIAL 17.02.2023] 18:00 Server Time (GMT+2) ####
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Before you register, read our SERVER RULES & ANTI-SCAM TIPS !!!


- Account ID between 10-14 characters
- Password between 8-12 characters one capital letter and number
- Special characters like ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * ) are not allowed
- Secret ID 4 numbers
- Seal Code 8 numbers

Make a different ID and PW than on other servers!
then we will avoid problems with SCAMMERS!

I agree to Prime-MYKO
Terms of Use by registering.
Username is the ID you will be using to login your account at Prime-MYKO.
Login ID must be between 10-14 character length.
To keep your account safe please make sure you use different ID than on other servers.
Password is the key code you will be using to login your account at Prime-MYKO.
Password must be between 8-12 character length.
In order to keep your account safe make sure to use lowercase, uppercase letters and numbers.
Please make sure you use different password than on other servers.
E-mail Address is the most important registration information.
Make sure to use correct active E-mail.
If you forget your account informations E-mail will be required to restore it.
Security ID
Security ID is your secret 4-digit number which will be used during your account operations.
Must be 4-digit lenght. It is very important to remember your Security ID.
You will need it in processes such as: "Change Passsword" and more.
Seal Code
Seal Code is your secret 8-digit number which will be used to lock or unlock your inventory items.
Must be 8-digit lenght. It is very important to remember your Seal Code.
Tickbox is used for accepting our Terms of Use.
Please read our Terms of Use before making an account.
Register Button
Register button has to be clicked on when you control the information you entered. Once you click on the Register button, our system will check your information and insert them to our database.
Please make sure your information is correct.
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El Morad: 0
Karus: 0
Players in CZ: 0
Humans: 0
Orcs: 0
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Server Statistics
Accounts 12587
Characters 4130
Karus 45,54%
Humans 54,46%
Warrior 23,41%
Rogue 30,94%
Priest 15,91%
Magician 29,73%
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