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#### Notice: [New Server Battlecast] - [BETA 24.06.2022] - [OFFICIAL 01.07.2022] 18:00 Server Time (GMT+2) ####
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Bonus Updates Area

Kill Sounds:
You can trun On/Off by rename or delete folder named "KillSounds" in client

Camera Distance:
You can change camera distance in client file named soacs.ini
CameraAngle=0-25 (25 longest distanse) (0 default)

Game Ui look:
Newest UI_US v22xx
ROFD UI_US v1453

Shine +7 Items & New Skill Visual look:
Shine +7 Poison Items
Updated Skill Visual Look

Invisible Wings
Visible Wings

Inventory Transparent:
Transparent Inventory

Pathos Gloves:
Mixed Pathos Gloves v3.0
Pathos Gloves Classic v2.0
Electric Pathos Gloves v1.0

Long Capes:
Long Capes v3.0
Long Capes v2.0
Long Capes v1.0
Long Capes v0.0

Unique Capes Color & Symbols Pack:
Unique Capes Color v1.0
Clan Symbols Pack

Chitin Armors:
Rebirth Chıtın & Shell
Chitin to Krowaz
Chitin to HeroUltraShel
Chitin to Valkyrie
Chitin to Bahamut
Chitin to DragonShell
Chitin to 7th Armor
Chitin to Red Chitin
Chitin to Black Chitin
Shell Armors:
Rebirth Chıtın & Shell
Shell to Krowaz
Shell to Holy Dark
Shell to Valkyrie
Shell to 7th Armor

Back to MYKO Classic Client:
Prime-MYKO UI_US v1299
no Pathos Gloves
Basic MYKO Capes Size
Basic MYKO Capes Color
Classic Inventory
Classic Party Bar
Classic MYKO Chitin & Shells Armors
no Shine +7 Poison Items
Basic MYKO Skill Visual Look
Invisible Wings

Server Details
Users Online: 51
El Morad: 27
Karus: 24
Players in CZ:
King List
Last War Hero:
CSW Holder:
GM List
Server Statistics
Accounts 5121
Characters 364
Karus 56,32%
Humans 43,68%
Warrior 27,47%
Rogue 40,11%
Priest 10,71%
Magician 21,70%
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