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[02.11.2021] Update Informations #25 (OFFICIAL Arcana)

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2021 9:23 pm
by [Admin] Adam
[02.11.2021] Update Informations #25 (OFFICIAL Arcana)

[02.11.2021] Update Informations #25 (OFFICIAL Arcana)
- Alot of pus items price has been lowered!
- Scroll of Freedom upgrade rate to +8 has been added with 7% rate
- Last Nation Guard (LNS boss) drop rate has been ALOT boosted with new drops!
- Drop notices has been corrected like Red Chest, Trina etc
- Krowaz Weapon Chest - Soul Of Enemy - Freedom Scroll droprate has been ALOT boosted (there will drop 2-3x more from now!)
- Krowaz Weapon Chest - Soul Of Enemy - Freedom Scroll will drop from ALL bosses!
- List of bosses drop krowaz weapon chest, soul of enemy & scroll of freedom: Duke, Bach, Bishop, Lesath, Shaula, Samma, Javana, Barrkk, Barkirra, Lobo, Lupus, Lycaon, OBL, OBO, Bone Collector, Attila, Acer, Antares, Hyde, Kekurikekukaka, Master Quest, Trinex, Personal Quest, Dante, 000000, F9Devil, Eslant Guard, Deruvish Founder, Dragon Tooth, Snake Queen, Talos, Troll King, Harpy Queen, Baby Felankor, Ultima, Isiloon, Mini Felankor, Ultima, Isiloon & all Chaos Bosses
Example drops (you can check all bosses real drop rates here): ... arch=chaos