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[19-21.05.2021] Update Informations #13-14 (OFFICIAL Optimus)

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[19-21.05.2021] Update Informations #13-14 (OFFICIAL Optimus)

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[19-21.05.2021] Update Informations #13-14 (OFFICIAL Optimus)

[19.05.2021] Update Informations #13 (OFFICIAL Optimus)
1. Chaos Bosses cannot be lure anymore
2. Last Nation Guard boss cannot be lure anymore
3. Forgotten Temple Red Treasure Chest 2nd reward has been replaced with Green Treasure Chest
4. FT event is 2x easier from yestarday
5. King Election has started
6. Still working on Panel/Pus lags hope it will be also fixed with this update (still not sure)

[21.05.2021] Update Informations #14 (OFFICIAL Optimus)
1. Gold farm has been boosted from Blood Seekers/Beast/Cardinal/Baron/Hobgoblins/Burning Skeletons
2. Drop rate for +9 accesories has been boosted from hobgoblins & burning skeletons
3. Now you need 1000 Blood Of Enemy instead of 1500 to exchange for Soul Of Enemy
4. Helis / Judgment dmg has been boosted by 12%
5. Bi-Frost monu HP has been increase by 100%
6. There is Master Chest Item & Monster Summon Scroll sale 30% discount for this weekend!
7. Panel/Pus lags has been fixed!
8. King Election has ended!
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