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[15.05.2021] Update Informations #10 (OFFICIAL Optimus)

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[15.05.2021] Update Informations #10 (OFFICIAL Optimus)

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[15.05.2021] Update Informations #10 (OFFICIAL Optimus)
1. All drop rates has been boosted from mobs like DM, Servant, Guard of Bowl, Mini DM, Stone Golem, Harpy, Troll, Blood Seekers, Cardinals etc
2. Weekly NP exchange has been implemented you can exchange weekly points for items in CZ - NPC name - [Colony Zone] Quest
3. HP/AC Buffs has been added to [Buffer] Adam in Colony Zone
4. Colony Zone Quest Manager kill enemy nation has been reduced now you need to kill 300 ppl instead of 500
5. KGE has been reduced now you need to kill 100 ppl instead of 150
6. Keys drop from baby ultima, felankor & isiloon has been boosted from 1% to 3%
7. Wepons drop has been boosted from Guoard of Bowl, Dark Mare, Mini DM, Servant of Isiloon
8. [DeathMatch] - Quest Manager Mob hp has been reduced by half
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