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[23.04.2021] Update Informations #9 (Before Optimus)

Everything you need to know about the server.
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[23.04.2021] Update Informations #9 (Before Optimus)

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[23.04.2021] Update Informations #9 (Before Optimus)
1. Only Clan War(CW), CSW, Bifrost & Juraid events will be closed from beggining
2. FT rewards has been boosted
3. Last Nation Guard drops has been highly boosted
4. There will be new Quest Manager on DeathMatch event Kill 5 [DeathMatch] mob and get Reward Trina Piece+300NP
5. Now to join DeathMatch event you must have Slayer [DeathMatch] weapon weared & in inventory
6. For killing Chaos Stone, Dark Stone, CZ Monu, RLB Monu, Ardream Monu, Bif monu, CSW Monu you will get Gift+200NP
7. For finishing CR event you will get Reward as it was before but also +200NP
8. KGE event has been changed insted of 300 kills you need to kill 100 but there are more random rewards and additional +200NP
9. Middle/High class keys will drop more (still there will be more chests than keys but keys drop will be higher than it was) - 40%keys/60%chests
10. Black/Red chitin chests at begining will only drop from LNS Guards - later it will be added to more mobs/bosses in CZ etc
11. Undefeatable weapons has been added to game, also rebirthed ones. (There will be chest exchange for random item, chest will drop in future from all bosses with 1% rate - gonna test on beta)
12. Gem/Frag/Chest exchange system has been rewrite (it will be hard to get unique items, if it will be too hard of course I will boost it with progres of the server)
13. Colony Zone will be not closed anymore during events like LNS & DeathMatch events
14. Low Class upgrade scroll cost now 50k, Middle Class upgrade scroll cost now 150k
15. Weight of scrolls has been changed bus 2.0, begginer upgrade scroll 5.0, blessed elemental & enchants 1.0
16. Red chitins has boosted hidden stats +5 glacier resist & +2hp for rogue, warriors, +1str/+1int for priestes and +1int/+1mp for mages from a each part.
17. Black chitins has boosted hidden stats +5 lighting resist & +2hp for rogue, warriors, +1str/+1int for priestes and +1int/+1mp for mages from a each part.
18. Rebirthed weapons has boosted stats +1 to attack power and +2 to elemental damage for example Rebirthed shard +7 - 93ap/72poison instead of 72ap/70poison
19. Rebirthed armors has boosted hidden stats +5ac(defense)
20. Rebirthed shields has boosted stats +10ac(defense)
21. Now you can download ready (Prime-MYKO ROFD & v22xx Client Versions)
22. Some more client bonus updates on site & client OptionPlugins folder
23. Jackpot system has been implemented (gonna test on beta)
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