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Weekly Reward Event

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Weekly Reward Event

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Weekly Rewards will be given every Saturday:
- Top 1 user of general User Ranking gets 1000 kc
- Top 5 users of general Weekly Ranking get 1000 kc
- Top 6-10 users of general Weekly Ranking get 350 kc
- Top 1 Karus & El Morad Clan Leader gets Trina Piece
- Top 1 user of general KDR Ranking gets 1000 kc
- Top 1 user of general Online Ranking gets 1000 kc

- If you'r the winner you need to PM Adam on Saturday on facebook, discord or in-game to get reward!!!
- Weekly ranking points will reset on every Sunday between 14:00-15:00 Server Time

Top user/kdr/online rank - top1 general ranking user get reward example: (If karus is top 1 only karus player get reward)
Top weekly rank - only top10 general weeky ranking users get reward example: (If all el morad is in top 10 only el morad players get reward)

- Prime-MYKO Staff
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